A specialized SaaS solution that leverages AI to craft tailored job proposals, streamlining the application process for professionals.
Luna Alvarez
March 2023
UI design
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The goal of the Aico project was to develop an AI-powered SaaS platform to automate business proposal writing. The focus was on creating a user-friendly tool that could generate high-quality, tailored proposals efficiently.

The platform needed to incorporate advanced AI algorithms to understand complex business requirements, learn from previous proposals, and enhance the quality and effectiveness of the content.

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Our approach

The challenge lay in integrating AI algorithms that could replicate human-like writing while understanding business needs and industry jargon. Maintaining a professional tone and meeting specific guidelines was complex.

User adoption and trust in an automated system were also concerns. Ensuring data security, customization options, and creating an adaptable platform were vital to overcoming this challenge.

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The solution involved a collaboration between design, development, and AI teams. We created a platform that combined AI technology with an intuitive interface, training the AI on successful business proposals, and incorporating user feedback.

We implemented security measures and provided customization options to address user trust. Users could modify proposals, and we offered support and training resources. The result was an efficient tool that empowered businesses to create professional proposals with ease.

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